4 Tips for Better B2B Lead Generation

Generating more leads for your business is an important part of any business model. However, it is often difficult to find the time and resources to do so. Below are 6 tips that can help you generate more B2B leads for your company:

But before we go into that, lets think about the easy to get leads that we may have missed.

In the Beginners Guide to Digital Marketing, we talked about the CJ Hayden book, Get Clients Now

It covers 6 ways how we can generate leads.  These were... 

1. Direct contact and follow up (targeted cold e-mail/calling, contacting enquiries, reactivating old clients)

2. Networking and referral building (building strategic relationships, mixing with your target market and giving value, meet with connections, social media activity)

3.  Public speaking (speaking at an event where your target market congregate)

4.  Writing and publicity (blogging, article writing and placement)

5. Promotional events (creating your own event)

6. Advertising (Ads, Flyers, brochures etc. Digital or paper based

Now, if we think about the first two.  We can identify some real long hanging fruit.  Have we contacted all potential people we know that could be interested in our product/service?  Have we contacted all prospects whom have enquired with us in the past?  Do we have any lapsed customers that we could reactivate with a special offer?

Thinking about networking, are we active on LinkedIn?  Does our profile communicate our offer? Are we adding targeted connections regularly? are we active on our home page and in the right groups?

Getting Direct Contact and Networking under control could fill many small businesses lead rosta for months.  Once you've done that, time to scale up

Be relevant:

Make sure that you are providing content that is relevant to what your customers are looking for. This means not only providing information about your products, but also including customer testimonials and reviews to show what others like them have experienced with the product.

Consider your audience:

B2B companies need to think about their target market and understand how they can best provide the information they need in order to make a purchase decision. Be clear on who needs the content and where it will be distributed.  Check out how to build a buyer persona here

1. Create a social media strategy for B2B Lead Generation

Posting on social media is free and it is the easiest way to reach a lot of people. You can post your blog posts, videos, podcasts, discussions or just photos of you and your team.

Social media is the easiest way to get your information out to a lot of people. Posting on social media is free and it is easy to share your blog posts, videos, podcasts, discussions or photos on social media.

After this, you can consider social media ads for targeted and scaleable B2B Lead Generation

2. Go for the long-tail approach

Find out what your customers are interested in by gathering all their input through surveys and reaching out to them on social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

By surveying your customers, you can understand what they’re looking for and what they want from your company. Using social media channels to reach out to them is also a great way to get feedback.  A great survey tool is Cognito Forms.  Use can use Google Forms too.

3. Use email marketing

Emails are still powerful but they need to be personalized and relevant to be successful. Send an email every week with links to new articles and blog posts you've published that might interest them.

For an email marketing campaign to be successful, the content needs to be personalized and relevant. A well-timed email can increase your subscribers more than any other social media platform.

Design a report, a video, a training course, what ever your customers would like to see that you give away for free in exchange for their e-mail address, you can then provide value but also make offers for them to book a call to discuss your product/service

4. Hold webinars

Webinars are an excellent way to connect with potential customers because they allow

Webinars are a great way to connect with potential customers because they allow you to interact with them in real-time. You can show off your brand, answer questions, and learn more about their needs.

Digital marketing can help no-end with B2B Lead generation.  Get in touch to see how we could help

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