your complete 12 month seo strategy 

Get everything you need to get your website up the Google search results pages at a fraction of the cost of managed SEO

Tenzura Digital will partner with you on your SEO and get you a personalised to do list, technical analysis, backlink ideas, competitor analysis

Your own SEO consultant at a fraction of the cost 

Getting on the front page of google (or even to the top) is an aim for many a business of any size.  You know that if you appeared higher in search engines, more eyes would be on your website, leading to more enquires, leading to more sale which equates to more £££.  But here is the issue, most businesses:

Do nothing regarding SEO, hanging on with a hope and a prayer that your website will "naturally" climb up the rankings (spoiler alert: it probably won't happen)
Waste a ridiculous amount of time and energy trying to learn how to do your own SEO, end up watching youtube videos that contradict each other, don't really say anything of any worth and only really want to pitch you something (Yeah, we've seen them too) and end up more confused than ever
Hire a cheap SEO Consultant who promised the world but delivers very little and in many cases, damages your websites ranking long term through shady practices

The Truth about SEO for your Small Business

There is a difference between Good SEO and Bad SEO.  Good SEO takes time, detail and strategy and good SEO costs a substantial amount, usually starting from £500 for a smaller website per month spanning to £2000 per month for larger, more complex websites.  SEO is not a quick fix either, usually taking 6 - 12 months to start seeing significant results.  The issue that this presents its self is that good SEO can be price prohibative for many small businesses.

Small businesses either do nothing, go DIY and end up with no to detrimental results due to glaring holes in knowledge and application or hire a freelancer who, if your don't know what their process is, can end up doing more harm than good
If you have the right data presented with the right recommendations and the available resource, ANY BUSINESS can perform their own SEO

With this in mind, Tenzura Digital are aiming to disrupt the SEO industry and have created the SEO Battleplan.   Rather than pay upwards of £500-£2000 every month for  an SEO Consultant,  We will provide you with a list of what you need to do for a one time payment of £997.  

What does this "SEO Battleplan" Package Include?

We want this service to make SEO as simple and straighforward as possible.  We will take care of the strategy and the minefield that SEO can be and we will present this to you in a monthly to do list with actionable tasks, complete with clear and step by step instructions on how to do them (even if you are a bit of a technophobe).  You'll have access to your SEO consultant via our Podio app should your have any questions via a 30 minute meeting per month and you'll be in our online community where you can ask any questions and get support.

Initial onboard and a full site SEO health check
Monthly SEO audit with scoring
Monthly SEO to do list with instructions
Google my Business optimisation checklist
Keyword research and Keyword tracking
4 SEO keyword optimised blog post monthly ready to post on your website (Value of this alone would usually be £100 per month)
Citations and backlinks to add monthly
Technical SEO analysis
Infographics to build links
Your own allocated SEO consultant
Access to our online community for additional support

Our Three Step Process


We will audit your site and see where we can add value regarding SEO. If we don't think we can add value, we'll be upfront about it but if we can, we'll be upfront about that too! 🙂 

SEO strategy

We will develop a personalised SEO strategy based on your onboarding and provide an initial health check and actions in month one.  This gets delivered to you via a neat dashboard so you can clearly see the monthly actions to improve your SEO ranking

Your SEO partner

As long as you are with us, we will provide you with actionable monthly SEO plans and provide you with the support to climb up the search engine rankings  

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it all work?

Once you click on "Get Started" you'll be directed to our terms and conditions page, if you accept these, you'll be directed to a page where you can make your payment.  Following this you will be sent the terms and conditions again to electronically sign and complete your onboarding questionnaire.  Once you have completed this, we will have your inital health check and actions within 7 days whilst keeping in close communication through our workspace portal.    

What does the package involve?

This package allows you a monthly to do list to improve your site SEO, Keyword research and tracking, written blog post (this alone makes this package a no brainer!) , a monthly citations list to add your site to for better rankings and a monthly backlink strategy based on your competitor analysis.  All work is personalised to your business goals.  No "one size fits all" approaches here

What if I want you do fully manage my SEO?

We can do this, get in touch with us here and we can set up a call

Sounds good, How do I get started?

Great stuff!  Lets get the ball rolling by heading here, this redirects you to the terms and conditions screen, please read and indicate you are happy to proceed, click "proceed to payment and you'll be redirected to our payment portal and once this has been completed, you will be redirected to the onboarding form, as soon as you get this completed and submitted, the sooner we can get started on building your SEO Battleplan.  We're looking forward to working with you!

Ready to Get Found Online by your Customers?

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